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December 24, 2012
by johnhalas

Write a Pop Song

Perhaps you’ve wondered what it takes to write a pop song, what kind of stuff you would need to know and what information would be especially helpful in making something that sounds good. A good chorus might be the most important piece of any song; pop songs are no exception to that rule and like all the other genres of music out there, the hook in a good chorus is what keeps people coming back and listening again and again, long after a piece of music ceases to be fresh. For bars and verses that are as popular now as they ever were, look to performing greats like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin. Other genres of music have produces popular singers in the past and present too but it seems like those big band days really got the people moving. Don’t refrain from looking back to the greats to look for any inspiration which might help write a pop song today.
To write a pop song is like writing other songs in a lot of ways. It is composed of notes, written in individual bars which run along the length of a page from left to right and make up sheets of written music. The written words, or verses, make up the song’s spoken parts and combined with the tones of the musical instruments making the melody, work together to make music happen. If you want to write a pop song first you should find something that really gets you going, something that makes you feel something. That kind of inspiration is important to musicians and songwriters alike. Without it, seeing a project through from the beginning to its successful completion just isn’t as likely. When trying to come up with the next hit pop song, you must want it badly from the start if you have any hope of producing that great gift to radio listeners everywhere.
With all the bars of music written, a catchy chorus set up and a soothing refrain to follow any especially intense verses, you’re getting ready to write a pop song. Finding the words to go with the feelings conveyed by sound isn’t an easy thing to do, especially for someone new to the process and trying it for the first time. It can be intimidating like any other daunting task with which you’ve little experience, but don’t worry; just like many of those same tasks there is plenty of time to try, try and try again. It’s not as if you need to write a pop song to save the world or anything, right? This is not the kind of thing to rush. Take all the time you need while writing, don’t push anything or force the work and your results will be better for it.